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By accessing any content on Filmapia it is understood and agreed that you agree to all the Terms of Usage listed below.

  • The term "website" refers to Filmapia (www.filmapia.com).
  • The term "content" refers to (but not limited to) videos, pictures, links, comments, text on the website.
  • The term "user" or "you" refers to viewer or registered member on the website.
  • All these terms and policies apply all throughout this website.
  • Terms

  • Filmapia is extremely cautious and careful about the users' personal details. At no time will the users' personal details such as email address, contact, etc. be shared with any third party. If this is ever needed, an explicit written permission from the user will be obtained.

  • Filmapia by default will own all pictures or videos uploaded by the users, unless the pictures or videos are copyrighted by some other entity/ individual(s). Filmapia gives any and every one to use the content owned by Filmapia as required but by giving appropriate credit (with links) to Filmapia. This is Filmapia's way of giving back to the online community from which a lot of the content on the website has been sourced. Keep it free, we say! For content owned by anyone else, please follow the copyright clauses mentioned by the original author/owner of the content.

  • Filmapia reserves the right to use all content shared by the user, as it deems appropriate for promotion, distribution and any other form of replication/reproduction.

  • Filmapia invites user content to make the website more interactive and interesting. In no way does Filmapia encourage any unsafe/ unsavoury actions while taking pictures/ videos intended to be uploaded on the website. Filmapia does not bear any responsibility for such actions or any consequences arising thereof.

  • Not all content submitted by users will be displayed on the website. All content will be moderated and the most suitable for that particular page on the website will be added and displayed.

  • Filmapia does not tolerate any obscene, racist or any other offensive content. All users are dissuaded from uploading any such content.

  • Filmapia reserves the right to edit or remove any content at any time as required.

  • The information on Filmapia is a compilation of content from various sources. Filmapia sincerely attempts to provide verified and accurate published content as far as possible. If there are any lapses, please help in correcting such errors using different interfaces available on the website such as comments, contact forms or better still register and "Suggest" your corrections. Note: Filmapia expressly excludes liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.

  • Filmapia reserves the right to change the terms of usage and other conditions as and when required. The same will be updated on the website.
  • Copyright

  • Filmapia will display the original copyright owners wherever possible. If any copyright information is missing or is erroneous, kindly inform us about the same using the Talk to Us form.

  • Filmapia currently uses scene snapshots from films. This material is not owned by Filmapia and the owner's names have been appropriately displayed as applicable. Such material has been used for the purpose of direct comparison and visual information only. We do not use this material anywhere else. Also no copyright infringement is intended anywhere on the website. However, in case of any perceived violation kindly let us know via the Talk to Us form. We will act upon it immediately.